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Do you remember how as a child you could ‘connect the dots’ and see an image or the contour of an object would gradually appear?

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Twin4Green leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twins to enable any individual or organization to progressively better understand the world they evolve in and address their toughest problems. Our solutions, built on the latest LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) technologies, provide cost efficient architectures leveraging existing networks, global reach, and built-in security.


Sustainability as a Service

No Capex

Dedicated AI workflows

for productivity optimization and Carbon footprint reduction

Building Management Systems (BMS) integration

Inspired by nature.

To reach massive IoT scale, hardware manufacturers will need to come up with creative ways to improve energy efficiency for each of these functions: sensing, data storage/intelligence and communication. 

Without integrating such state of the art solutions, there are already common sense ways to optimize power consumption. Let us take for example CO2 level based indoor comfort with machine learning. Once the initial training phase is over, there is no need to receive information that the value measured is within the predefined acceptable level. Likewise, if the space is empty (e.g. between midnight and 6 AM or on weekends), it is not necessary to pilot the HVAC based on occupancy.

One way to truly make battery less devices a reality is to follow a biomimicry approach and look at the World around us not just to learn about it but also to learn from.  Did you know for example that swifts can stay airborne for 10 months straight by adapting to subtle changes in wind speed and direction? The plant realm is also a great source of inspiration as in March 2022, a team at University of Washington demonstrated for the first time ever ‘wind dispersal of battery-free wireless sensing devices’. 

In collaboration with our partners, Twin4Green will make battery less Internet of Things solutions accessible to anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

9.58 seconds

That is not just Usain Bolt’s World Record, it is also the time it takes you to start seeing data in our dashboards or Digital Twins.

Zero configuration, zero manuals to read. Just take the sensor out of the box you receive, place it where you want to collect data, turn it on and voila !

Connected sustainability

As our planet heats up, our mission is to help companies reduce their environmental footprint. Of course it can be perceived as rather vague which is why we have been working closely with partners to quantify the acceleration provided by adopting our Internet of things and Digital Twin approaches.
Urban sustainability is not just about smarter buildings, it requires collaboration between a wide variety of stakeholders with common goals to improve efficiency or reduce maintenance.

The evolution of IoT for smart cities demonstrated that expecting short term bold gains and changes was an illusion. We are convinced that reducing our environmental footprint is like training for a marathon race; the same way a runner progressively adds a bit more distance or increases speed, our neighborhoods and cities will become more resilient gradually by gaining a few percent here and there, implementing a new technology for a specific domain etc… What matters is to keep training, adapt to changing conditions, understands what works best while keeping in mind that one size does not fit all, and that you can not start training for a Marathon a week before the event.

The best gains or Return on Investment are often the result of creative cross-domain approaches. Twin4Green is the easiest way to gather data and share experience provided by partners around energy management, indoor comfort, Building Management Systems, renewable energy or predictive maintenance.

Our end to end field proven solution will bring adaptive sensor intelligence and dynamic representation of progress towards resilience and sustainability; stay tuned.

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